You can create an application program easily and simply by using an Excel file.
This page explains how to use a simple wizard in Agados Studio.

Agados Studio Run

You can create Windows applications or html based applications easily and simply using your own Excel file. Create the application you want with the following steps.

Launch Agados Studio. Click AGADOS.CLOUD in the’Agados Cloud Connection Information’ group on the’Getting Started with Agados’ page. After entering the user ID and password, click Connect.

When the Open Solution window opens, click the solution.

Click the’Simple Wizard’ tile of’Let’s use Excel to create an app’.

Getting started with a simple wizard

When the simple wizard runs, select the Excel file to import from Please select the file to import. Please make the file in Excel format that Agados Studio can recognize.

The format of Excel is as follows.
The first row is the title (the content displayed on the screen), and the second row is the data.

In Step 1, select the adapter name AGADOS.CLOUD.MYSQL . AGADOS.CLOUD.MYSQL is a user DB to import Excel data. Then enter the desired table name. After entering , click Next.

You will be prompted for a form type. Select Webform> List.

Form creates a window application (window application program), and web form creates an html-based application program.

Name the package

Select the desired package in step 4.
Specify the name of’Memberset, View Model, Web Form, Object, Web Event Object’ and click Next> Run. When done, click ‘Finish’.

When specifying an object name, only alphabets (az, AZ, _) or numbers (0-9) can be used. Also, it cannot start with a number.

List webform

The studio screen changes and a simple wizard-list webform opens.

View in browser

You can check the created package and run it with a web browser. At the bottom right, click Explorer> Right-click _’wform’> View in Browser.

You can check the form in the form of a list in the Internet browser.


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The information in this document applies to the Agados Studio 2017 version.

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